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4:17 -- 2451 Niagara Ave., arrest. Franklin R. George Sr., 32, of Niagara Avenue, charged with menacing after a woman said he grabbed her by the hair, threw her onto a couch and threatened her with a knife.

4:45 -- 6929 Williams Road, M&T Bank, robbery. A bank teller told police a man rode up on a motorcycle with a "For Sale" sign on it, demanded cash and then fled. Police said the motorcycle is owned by John McNally of 100th Street who said he let a man take it for a test drive, but the man never returned. McNally showed sheriff's deputies and police a car the man left behind. The car had been reported stolen the day before by Mitchell S. Bouch of Buffalo Avenue from the A-Plus Mini Mart on Niagara Falls Boulevard after Bouch said he went inside to pay for gas.

5 -- 1751 LaSalle Ave., criminal contempt. A Tonawanda woman said a woman refuses to allow her granddaughter to visit with her father, in violation of a court order.

5:37 -- 1038 Pine Ave., Bruno's Mobil, petit larceny. An employee said someone pumped $20 worth of gas and left without paying.

6:55 -- 1645 Niagara Ave., criminal mischief. A Niagara Avenue woman said a pit bull terrier attacked her cat. Two boys on bicycles then picked up the dog and rode off, she said.

7 -- 1400 17th St., arrest. Brian S. Jones, 18, of Pierce Avenue, charged with improper use of an inspection sticker, driving with a suspended motor vehicle registration, failure to surrender suspended registration, driving without auto insurance and driving without using a seat belt.

7 -- 10th and Niagara streets, arrests. William J. Kovalik, 34, of Vulcan Street, Buffalo, charged with criminal possession of stolen property, and Alfred W. Martin, 29, of Staley Road, Grand Island, and Melanie D. Callaghan, 21, of Lawrence Avenue, Buffalo, charged with drug possession. Kovalik was detained for the Amherst Police Department.

10 -- 20th Street and Center Avenue, petit larceny. A Centre Court woman said someone stole her son's bicycle from outside a store.

10 -- 1901 Niagara St., assault. A Ferry Avenue woman said a teen-age boy slapped her in the head, and another boy knocked her to the ground.

10:25 -- 1736 Lafayette Ave., arrest. Timothy M. Keiper Jr., 20, of Lafayette Avenue, charged with criminal sale of marijuana, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful possession of marijuana.

11:10 -- Virginia Avenue and Hyde Park Boulevard, arrest. Willie T. Crittenden, 38, of Cedar Avenue, charged with obstructing governmental administration after police said he came at them with a power staple gun as police responded to a call.

11:59 -- 9103 Niagara Falls Blvd., criminal trespass and criminal mischief. A St. John's Parkway woman said someone cut a screen on her apartment window, entered and rummaged through her belongings. Nothing apparently was taken, but the intruder spray painted "KKK" on her door.


12 -- 601 28th St., Niagara Christian Academy, criminal mischief. A man said someone shot out four windows at the private school with a BB gun.

12:01 -- 469 Seventh St., petit larceny. A Seventh Street man said he let a woman borrow a shirt, and she refuses to return it.

12:12 -- 19th Street and Pine Avenue, petit larceny. A Moschel Drive man said someone broke into his car and stole a CD player, an amplifier, an equalizer, two speakers and $100.

12:30 -- 644 72nd St., harassment. A woman said a woman walked uninvited into her home and pushed her into a wall after an argument on the telephone.

2:45 -- Third Street and Ferry Avenue, arrest. Lonny L. Bradley, 20, of Fifth Street, charged with disorderly conduct after police saw him shaking and threatening a woman.

4:01 -- 1100 19th Street, harassment. A woman said a man walked into her home uninvited, grabbed her by the neck, choked her and threw her to the floor. She said he then dragged her outside and tried to force her into a car, but she broke free and ran.

4:44 -- Prospect Street, arrest. Kim T. Tran, 20, of Leroy Street, Buffalo, charged with driving while intoxicated, criminal impersonation, driving without a driver's license and not using a seat belt. Police said Tran gave a false name when they stopped him.

7:21 -- AMTRAK Train Station, petit larceny. Two men from the Netherlands said someone stole a fanny pack containing two passports sometime during the train ride from New York City to Niagara Falls.

7:25 -- 15th Street and Pine Avenue, arrest. Scott M. Bergeson, 29, of Cleveland Avenue, charged with failure to pay a fine.

10:25 -- 515 Sixth St., petit larceny. A Buffalo woman said someone stole her purse, containing $70, her driver's license and a bank card, from the front seat of her car.

11:30 -- 2416 Monroe Ave., burglary and petit larceny. A woman said someone entered her garage and stole her 15-speed bicycle.


12:35 -- 569 Third St., criminal mischief. A landlord said a former tenant poured quick drying cement into drains inside an apartment and in the toilet before moving.

1:45 -- 8440 Niagara Falls Blvd., MediaPlay, petit larceny. A Buffalo woman said someone stole her purse, containing designer sunglasses, $35, bank and credit cards and a make-up kit, from underneath a coat outside the store.

2:10 -- 532 Memorial Parkway, assault. A Seventh Street man said a man entered his girlfriend's apartment and punched him in the mouth, causing a cut.

3 -- 554 Ninth St., petit larceny. A Ninth Street woman said a man came into her home, took her son's video game and left.

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