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The Bridge Centre was the scene of North American Open Pairs club qualifying games through July 19.

Top pairs go on to regional and national events. Qualifying results are listed with a "Q" in the score.

The Centre is now at 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew.

Duplicate Scores
ABA Tuesday night -- North-south, Juanita Tillman and Curtis Stokes, 89; east-west, Sue Jackson and Wardell Lewis, 92; possible 140.

B&P Shannon Pub Friday morning -- North-south, Strat A: Richard Czarnecki and Larry Doherty, 124; east-west, Donald Vincent and Joseph Saul, 132.5; possible 216. North-south, Strat B: Elve and Dan Johnston, 120; east-west, Donald Vincent and Joseph Saul, 132.5; possible 216.

B&P Shannon Pub Monday morning -- Howell. George Bills and Lavern Lewis, 107; Ann Edwards and Nita Ferrell, 92.5; Mimi Ashton and Larry Doherty, 88.5; Elve and Dan Johnston, 86.5; possible 168.

B&P Shannon Pub Tuesday morning -- Howell. Ann Edwards and Bill Rieker, 27.5; Harold Meyers and Alfred Haber tied with Betty Lawrence and Peg Rieker, 25.5; Rosemary Richert and Mary Ehrlichman, 23; possible 48.

Bridge Centre Monday morning "Q" -- Suraj Jain and William Bascom, 82; Philip S. Thomas and Pol Akman, 78.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Mary Pat Cerrone and Sally Houseman, 94.5; east-west, Terry Fraas and Paul L. Piciulo, 78.17.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning "Q" -- North-south, Sandra C. Silverstein and Hazel C. Turner, 131.57; east-west, Larry Doherty and Helen Sloan, 131.70.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning "Q" -- North-south, Margaret S. Miles and Julie Fisher, 130; east-west, Walter S. Majewski and Doreen Scott, 125; Harold N. Meyers and Linda S. Vassallo, 122.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening "Q" -- North-south, June Buxton and Dolores Warmuz, 58.5; Margaret Klamp and Marcia Freed, 135; Dorothy Boyd and Kevin Gervase, 113; east-west, Emily Gilbert and Patricia J. Lancaster, 67.5; William Bascom and John D. Toy, 141.50; James E. Scott and Robert Feasley, 116.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning "Q" -- Dorothy Brenner and Rita Sierocinski, 47.5; Larry Doherty and Philip S. Thomas, 45.5; Gil Krawitz and Pol Akman, 45.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening "Q" -- Edward and Florence Ott, 42.83; Celia Calabrese and Frank Glove, 33.45; Catherine and Irving Epstein, 32.15; Brad and Brian Mampe, 31.5; Thomas B. Wolstoncroft and Christy Kellogg, 98; Mary Pat Cerrone and William Schlaerth, 75.5; Dorothy Grosicki and Eleanor Barrett, 74.5.

Bridge Centre Friday morning "Q" -- Gisela Browne and Suraj Jain, 43.5; Bernice Baker and Beverly Dale, 43.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon "Q" -- Betty Fudeman and Stan Kozlowski, 49.5; Julie Fisher and Renzo Renzoni, 46.5; Terry Band and Warren O'Connell, 45.5; Alice Lind and Bob Olin, 44.5; Bonnie Bryar and Bill Elgar, 44; Eleanor Wright and Ann Edwards, 41.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Jim Mathis and Jay Levy, 131.5; east-west, Dr. Vaidhyana and Doreen Scott, 128; possible 216.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Berta Brown and Jeanette LeGrand, 40; east-west, Pat Pulli and Marion Skelton, 35.

College Club Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Mary Emily Wells and Laverne Jenkins, 63; Ruth Himmele and Dorothy Hansen, 58.5; Ruth Wells and Jane Hansen, 53.5; possible 90.

Delaware Wednesday -- Howell. Adam Dzimian and Bernie Czarnecki, 69; Dick Czarnecki and George Cross, 68.5; possible 108.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- Lillian Gotshall and Norma Williams, 87.5; Dorothy Ferguson and Will Eagle, 84.5; possible 135.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Marianne Rindfleisch and Betty Lawrence, 130; Don and Miriam Regnet, 124.5; east-west, Nita Ferrell and Dan Foley, 132; Jane and Keirn Brown, 113.5.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday -- Howell. Dan and Elve Johnston, 29; Audrey Adams and Florence Smith, 28.

Margaret McCarthy Friday "Q" -- North-south, Elbert Hargesheimer III and Kevin Gervase, 100.92; Terry Band and Nancy Wolstoncroft, 172.79; Dorothy Giosieki and Joyce C. Kindt, 156.54; east-west, Doyce Coffman and John H. Ziemer, 194; Gordon Crone and Clifford C. Kaylor, 145.5.

Supper Club Duplicate Saturday evening -- Jane and Cecil Parker, 46; Verna Walker and Margaret Reister, 41; Doris and Irving Sullivan tied with Laverne Jenkins and Gertrude Stevens, 37; possible 81.

Tots Center ACBL Game Monday -- Dorothy Caputy and Ray Eberle, 12.5; Marian Williams and Gene Wilke, 12.5; possible 24.

Tots Center Wednesday afternoon -- North-south, Vivian and Joseph Volk, 76; east-west, Betty Grieves and Bonnie Grautham, 73.5; possible 126.

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