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The annual 4-H meat animal sale Friday at the Chautauqua County Fair raised over $75,000, topping last year's amount by more than $10,000.

"They actually did quite well this year," said James Dowd, a meat animal sale treasurer.

Shawn Huntington, a 17-year-old Randolph resident, did particularly well, winning two of the three top awards.

His 1,313-pound grown champion steer sold for $2.15 per pound, earning $2,822.95.

Huntington also raised a 263-pound hog that sold for $5.20 per pound, for a total of $1,367.60.

A seven year 4-H veteran, Huntington said he tries "to pick out the ones that look like the best when they're little and hope for the best in the end."

Parting with the animals gets easier over time, Huntington said.

"For someone in the first year, its usually hard," he said.

He also won three other awards: the grand champion breeding sow and third and first place award for show sheep.

The grand champion sheep, raised by Abbie Oag-Walker of Jamestown, sold for $3.50 per pound.

Buck Godfrey of Jamestown received the reserve grand champion sheep award. His sheep sold for $2.75 per pound.

The market price for sheep is currently $1 per pound.

Other top winners include:

Lynn Minor of Frewsburg, reserve hog, $2.25 per pound.

Thomas Genung of Irving, reserve steer, $1.40 per pound.

The market prices for hogs and steer are 65 cents per pound and 66 cents per pound, respectively.

The average prices for the 4-H animals, excluding the grand champions and reserves, were hogs, $1.94; steer, $1.20; and sheep, $1.78.

The totals for all animals sold were: hogs, $21,924.97; steers, $43,549.70; and sheep, $9,793.15, for a grand total of $75,267.82.

The total raised last year was approximately $61,000.

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