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I'm a grandmother of six. Two of my grandchildren have been taken out of their parents' home for the second time because the parents lived in filth and were neglectful.

The children have been placed in the protection of Erie County Social Services. My oldest daughter took them into her home to care for them, but the parents still have visitation rights. When the children are returned, they have flea bites and blisters on their feet. They smell, are filthy and are often sick. One has asthma, but her parents don't give her the breathing treatments she needs because their utilities were turned off.

I feel my grandchildren are being pushed through the foster-care system. My daughter takes wonderful care of them and loves them both very much. But now the children's parents are fighting for custody again. I'm afraid for my grandchildren and all the others like them.

Hester M. Gwynne East Aurora

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