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I have a different opinion of the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show than the psychology student in his recent "In the Debate" article. I have worked in the mental-health field for 32 years, and I have no dispute with the content and format of the show, having listened to it for more than three years and having read her books. In fact I think she has helped many listeners, including me.

Dr. Laura is a certified family therapist, although her doctoral degree is in physiology. She says repeatedly that it is neither therapy over the phone nor a call-in advice show. It is simply a show where she offers her opinion on what she calls a moral dilemma.

When a person goes to see a therapist, he often does not have any prior knowledge about the therapist, who could have an important influence on that person's decisions. But when someone calls Dr. Laura after listening to her show, it is very clear what her ideas and values are.

My 10-year-old daughter also likes to listen to this show, and we have discussions about various moral dilemmas. This can only be beneficial.

David Winnie Amherst

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