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In my June letters column I used a missive in which the writer asked if the Dan K. Leong Memorial Golf Tournament was the only local golf tournament named for a woman.

After I said I didn't know, I received a letter from a Ken Remmingtom, address unknown, telling me about the Janet Henkel tournament in Terry Hills, near Batavia, that was formerly played at Dande Farms in Akron.

Then I heard about the James A. McMullen-Joanne McMullen Donnelly Henry tournament that is half-named for a lady. Like the Leong event, it will be held in two countries.

The golfing will take place in Canada and the dinner, or Waterfront Reception, will be staged at the West Side Rowing Club, where live music will be provided by McCarthyizm.

The corporate sponsors are the Amigone Home Inc., Parkside Press, Rosina and the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association. The beneficiary of the event is Hospice Buffalo, which has a special meaning for this writer.

Sally Willet of Buffalo sent in a backward joke submission that is still being considered by the judges. Then she added: "As an aside, Seymour Knox III must be spinning in his grave. He was a total gentleman and would be appalled at the goings-on at his new address."

First, Mr. Knox was indeed a total gentleman, maybe the most laid-back owner I've met. Secondly, since I don't want to show how little I know about hockey strategy, I don't offer opinions of same.

But I did hear something that might take the heat off the Sabres' front office. The other day, I heard someone say: "You've got to give them credit for one thing. They kept people arguing about the Sabres into July."

One reader asked, "Is it true that it is because of the rejection of your proposal that we have a Sports Hall of Fame in Buffalo that you ignore the incumbent hall?"

First of all, what I proposed was an overall hall of fame based on the late Gladys Drewelow's work at the Buffalo Convention Center. Secondly, I have written about the Sports Hall of Fame every year, and would like to write about it this time around. Maybe someone told the publicist I have no interest in sports.

Jack Greiner of Amherst said he had to challenge a recent trivia answer. He said: "The Bedford Flag, still on display at the Bedford, Mass., Town Library, was flown at the Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775. (That was the site of the place where patriots fired 'the shot heard round the world.')

"Bunker/Breeds Hill took place in June 1775."

And right in my old back yard, too. As I told Greiner on the phone, I rely on my reading for the trivia questions. And sometimes the sources are wrong.

Kathleen Franczak of Cheektowaga is the event chairman for the Rally for a Cure golf outing that will be played at Rothland's golf course in Akron on Tuesday. And Irmgard Pamer has announced that 25 members of the Tuesday Swingers Golf League will participate.

The idea for this one came from Golf for Women magazine, and I have to wonder if that magazine has yet done a story on that club in Texas that doesn't let women use the course.

Two people I would like to hear from soon are Bob (Basketball) McKinnon's brother and the father of the two West Pointers from Hamburg who got very involved with a local military ceremony.

Both matters are important to me.

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