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A recent letter referred to the military "old boys club." As a former active-duty Marine, a Gulf War combat veteran and someone who has served with women in the military, I strongly disagree with the writer's opinion that women are given "little value" in the military.

In the time I served in the Marine Corps and my deployments to Navy units, I have both served with and been under the command of women, and I have nothing but proud and fond memories of those times.

It is insulting to female members of the armed forces, disingenuous and an outright fallacy to say that women are treated as second-class individuals in the military. I am not some new politically correct member of the military, but the norm. I cannot deny that there are still some ignorant individuals who have difficulty with having women in the military, but they are a very small group.

All military people can request, and by law must be granted, the right to speak with their commanding officers for any grievance. If that grievance is not corrected, the person may continue up the chain of command indefinitely until finding satisfaction.

Niels Ulrich Gothgen Buffalo

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