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South got off to a roaring start, winning the first trick with the ace of hearts and the second with the six of trumps. But it's how you finish that matters, not how you start.

West played the queen on the next trump, and South took the ace and led another trump to West. East had correctly played the jack on the first heart; hence West led the queen of hearts next.

East overtook and shifted to the deadly queen of clubs. West ruffed South's king, and South later lost a club to East. Down one.

South has 10 tricks -- unless he lets West ruff a high club; South must not let East win a trick before trumps are drawn. Since East can get in only in hearts, South must throw his heart loser on a trick only West can win.

After South takes the ace of hearts, he cashes the top diamonds before letting the six of trumps ride. South next leads a trump to the ace and returns the jack of diamonds, pitching a heart. He then loses one trump, one club and one diamond.

East dealer

North-South vulnerable
A 4 3
9 5 4
J 7 4 3
8 4 3
K Q 5 2
Q 10 7 3 2
Q 10 6 2
K J 6
9 8 5
Q J 10 9 7 5 2
J 10 9 8 7 6
A 8
A K 6
East South West North
4 4 Dbl All Pass
Opening lead -- 3

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