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The Town of West Seneca has come up with a plan to monitor the chlorine levels at its wading pool to ensure safe levels.

In the meantime, town officials are tweaking the specifications for a new wading pool they hope will be ready next summer.

Supervisor Paul T. Clark said big shifts in chlorine levels at the wading pool in Centennial Park were discovered last summer, which is one reason the town wants to replace the aging pool.

"'We have been very, very careful to make sure chlorine levels remain high," he said. "This year we opened a little late to make sure we have the drill down."

In a plan sent to the Erie County Health Department, the town states it will check the chlorine level in the middle of the pool at at the water discharge outlet every hour.

If the level is low, the pool will be cleared of bathers, and a pint of liquid chlorine will be added by hand and spread around the pool. The chlorine level will be checked again in 15 minutes. If it is safe bathers will re-enter the pool. If the level is too low, chlorine will be added a pint at a time until there is enough of the chemical.

Clark said an "incredible" wading pool is planned, with a toddler area and an area a little deeper for older children. A spray area and a small waterfall and small hoses for children to spray each other are planned.

The new wading pool will be more like a mini-water park than "a dip in a Kmart parking lot," he said.

The town advertised for bids earlier this year, but received only one and that was higher than engineers' estimates.

Clark said the town has slightly altered the specifications and plans to put the project out for bid later this year. It hopes to attract more bidders who might have been busy with other work earlier this year.

"We think we can get this new bid in at $200,000 to $250,000," Clark said.

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