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Elle Macpherson says she was the victim of a burglary, extortion and now slander by a lawyer who claimed his client was Macpherson's "boy toy."

The actress-supermodel said she did not know the two men -- Michael Mischler, 29, and William Ryan Holt, 26 -- accused of trying to extort $80,000 from her by threatening to post her nude photos on the Internet.

Mischler's attorney, Lawrence Young, was served with a defamation lawsuit filed by Macpherson last week. She said Young's claim that she used his client as a "boy toy" has damaged her reputation.

"All of this is completely untrue," Macpherson said Tuesday. "I have never met Mr.Mischler -- and with any luck, I will never, ever meet Mr. Mischler."

"You can only imagine how difficult this has been for my family to read these lies, and how humiliating it has been for me to be, first of all, a victim of burglary, then of extortion, and now continuing with slander," Macpherson said.

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