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I know we're not supposed to be prejudiced against suburbanites. Still, it's hard to overlook the recent letter from an Amherst man supporting the exclusion of city people from parks in the suburbs.

"We own them," he basically says. Then he goes on to suggest that city people will cover his park with obscene graffiti.

Recently, a bunch of North Buffalo folks organized a whole slew of summer programs at Shoshone Park. It took time, fund-raising and a lot of unpaid volunteer work. Guess which suburb had so many people sign up for the activities that some city kids weren't able to participate?

But that's OK with most of us. We'll simply provide more volunteers and more classes next year. We'll even pick up the litter the suburban interlopers leave. But surely it's time for people like the letter writer to see that the "big deal" he doesn't understand is the smugness and parochial greed his letter shows.

Neither suburb nor city can live well without the other -- not economically, not recreationally, not morally. That's the big deal.

Robert Knox Dentan Buffalo

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