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The Riverside Inn Monday was told to turn down the music after three residents complained that bands playing at the restaurant were keeping them up -- sometimes past 3 a.m.

"The music from the Riverside is too loud. It disturbs us during the night. It disturbs us during the day," said Daniel T. Venuto of Onondaga Street. "Now Saturday night the band played until at least 3:15 in the morning."

He played a cassette tape that he said he recorded from inside his kitchen. "We're not trying to close you down, Mark. I'm not trying to give you that idea. We just want you to try to be reasonable."

Mark A. Turgeon, president of the Riverside Inn, said he posted a security guard at the door to make sure that it was shut. He said he also turned the music on the patio off at 2 a.m. one night.

"It wasn't that loud," Turgeon said, adding "I'm doing the best I can. If it's too loud, I'll turn it down." He later said that he is thinking of building a sound barrier so that when the front door is opened, nearby residents won't hear the sound coming from inside.

"Please call us" when you feel the music is too loud, he told residents at Monday's meeting. Turgeon also said, "It's not something that's going to happen overnight."

Robert H. Brolinski of South First Street said, "I picked up beer bottles in my yard. . . . "This happens every time they close at night."

"I think Mark is making an effort. I think that maybe it should be a little stronger effort," said Police Capt. Ronald R. Winkley.

Mayor Richard F. Soluri told Turgeon, "Just say you're going to turn it down." He added that the last resort would be to put up barricades and make arrests when the music is too loud.

In another matter, the board enacted a 120-day moratorium on telecommunications towers.

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