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Want to try a new hair color without being stuck with it? Check out Wild Stuff Hair Styling Pomade, a gel that washes out after just one shampoo. Color choices run the gamut from Gold, Bronze, Plum, Scarlet and Blue to, um, Skunky (a shade "whiter than white"). It's easy to apply; all you need are your fingertips. For the store nearest you, call American International Industries at (800) 621-9585.


Relax, "Sliders" fans. Sure, Fox has canceled the show twice -- but now Sci-Fi Channel has ordered 22 episodes, which will begin airing in January.


You've tried on the bathing suit. You've vowed to look better in it. You've searched in vain for an aerobics tape that doesn't play the same Top 40 pap. If Jane Fonda doesn't do it for you, try "Aerobics With Soul Kilimanjaro." No more leg lifts -- you'll sweat off excess pounds while learning East African tribal dances. Or why not "Hula for Health"? To get your hands on one of these truly funky workouts, call Collage Video at (800) 433-6769.


Grab a shovel, "Dig Your Own Hole" and hop onto the techno-driven thump-and-grind of the Chemical Brothers. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons crank out an album full of rave-ready beats and sounds -- including the hit title track and infectious "Block Rockin' Beats" -- that define the latest British invasion into American pop culture.

If you can't get enough of the Chemical Brothers on disc or MTV, try the Internet. At, you'll find links to several hot Web sites dedicated to the duo, including their official site at, where you can visit a cool spot called "Planet Dust" and tag along with the brothers in an animated serial adventure.


"If this is the only thing I did in my life, I'd be cool with it."

-- The Artist Formerly Known as Prince talking about how excited he is to perform at a concert backed by Muhammad Ali. The boxing legend is enlisting celebrity help for the Oct. 9 concert, to raise money for groups that promote racial and religious tolerance.

-- Knight-Ridder

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