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Many things make summer the best season of all. From weddings to trips to the beach to getting ready for college, there are many special events this season.

Just because the days are hot doesn't mean you should leave your fashion sense on ice. There are many easy things you can do to make sure you always look great.

Q: I have a wedding coming up in August. What can I wear that is right for the occasion but also is cool?

A: There are many outfits that fit your requirements. When you attend a wedding that's early in the day, wear one outfit for the ceremony and another for the reception.

For the ceremony, try a simple sleeveless sun dress, something that will be cool and cute. This also gives you the opportunity to wear sandals.

For the reception, I would recommend a more conservative looking dress, a little evening dress, in a light material so you will be comfortable.

Q: Is it all right for girls to wear baseball caps with their outfits, or is it too jockish?

A: Baseball caps are an accessory that can make a great outfit even greater. There are many baseball caps that don't look at all jockish. They also are great for bad hair days.

Q: What are some good things to take to the beach?

A: Don't forget a pair of those new shorts that can get wet and match your bathing suit. Also bring along a pair of sandals made of spongy rubber that are able to get wet. And please don't forget the sunscreen.

Karen Wagner is a recent graduate of West Seneca East Senior High School.

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