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From car detailing businesses to mobile lemonade stands, kids are doing lots of different things to make money.

Want to cash in on some of your bright ideas? We gathered moneymaking tips from a book called "Fast Cash for Kids," by Bonnie Drew:

Look for opportunities in your neighborhood. Identify things people don't like to do or are too busy to do. Along with the usual stuff, like mowing lawns and weeding, offer raking in fall and shoveling in winter. Make up fliers listing your different services and the prices, then distribute them around the neighborhood and to your friends' parents. Be on the lookout for houses that could use your help!

Sell your artistic skills. If every time you wear the sponge-stamp T-shirt that you made at camp last summer people tell you how cool it is, sounds like it's time to go into business! Design a bunch of styles and wear them lots.

Are you a whiz on the computer? Make business cards, signs and personalized stationery for friends and local businesses.

Enjoy baking? Everybody loves homemade cookies, but not very many people have the time to bake them. Sell your cookies to friends of your parents, at Little League games, a neighbor's garage sale and to other kids!

Don't want to go it alone? The kids who really make the money are the ones who start a business and have a bunch of kids working together (yep, kind of like the Baby-Sitters Club).

-- Chicago Tribune

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