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I have been following with interest the articles in your paper concerning the William Schank case. I am relieved that a great travesty of justice has been corrected and a convicted murderer has been returned to prison to serve out his sentence.

Although neighbors of Schank apparently consider him a candidate for sainthood, his record speaks for itself. Schank was a substance abuser who supported his habit by breaking and entering and was convicted of the violent murder of a defenseless infant. He did not serve even one day of a life sentence without parole for this murder, as he was mistakenly released from prison after completing a seven-year sentence for burglary.

Even today Schank shows no remorse and seems to prefer to think of himself as a "victim." I'm sorry, but the only victim in this case is a murdered child.

The courage and determination of the murder victim's mother, Dana Louise Smith, in seeing that a convicted murderer does not escape punishment is an inspiration to us all.

By speaking on behalf of her murdered daughter, she speaks for all the voiceless victims.

The William Schank case has restored my faith in the judicial system. When we let convicted murderers go unpunished, it diminishes us as a society.


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