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Akron village officials have been discussing for several months changing the sidewalk construction and rehabilitation policy for the Main Street revitalization project.

Trustee E. Peter Forrestel, who is head of the Streets Committee, recommended requiring a maximum a $9-per-linear-foot charge to Main Street property owners to install sidewalks.

The existing ordinance requires sidewalks to be installed on both sides of the street when a street is built or rehabilitated. Costs for work associated with public sidewalks is shared between the village and property owners who are reimbursed $6 per linear foot.

At a July 15 public hearing on sidewalk assessments, Daniel Kowalik, of 105 Main St., expressed concern about what it would cost him to replace his sidewalk.

Officials said the sidewalk on the south side of Main Street is being widened to four feet and curbs are being replaced. Kowalik was told he will be charged for the sidewalk and reimbursed at the current $6 per linear foot.

The Main Street revitalization plan calls for sidewalks on the North side of Main Street between Buffalo and Church streets, and on the south side of Main Street from the westerly line of 27 Main St. to 16 feet west of the easterly line of 111 Main St.

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