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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending April 4
1022 Exchange St., Mary Payne, Raymond Payne to James Wood, Kimberly Wood, $64,900.

150 Koster Row, Edward Dzurilla, Luci Dzurilla to Holly Macfadyen, $180,000.

Unit 4A, Beacon Development to Paul Gorney, Margaret Gorney, $91,800.

101 Shelridge Dr., Limited Prudential Residential Services to Jeffrey Brown, Debra Brown, $160,000.

464 Wood Acres Dr., Daniel Phillips, Donna Phillips to Michael Turchiarelli, Tammy Turchiarelli, $207,500.

50 Olney Dr., Douglas Harbison to Lawrence Fiorella, Erika Fiorella, $91,500.

520 Heim Rd., Donald Connors, Joann Connors to Jane Wolf, $79,000.

7 Clearwater Drive, SBLC Development Corp. to Elizabeth Flynn, $236,900.

4297 Harlem Rd., Trudy Baker, Paul Skowron to Suzanne Ouellette, $107,000.

35B Foxberry Dddr, Ramin Samadi, Jeanine Samadi to Sonia Prince, $64,750.

3 Snowberry Lane, The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Chandrasckhar Doniparthi, Radhika Doniparthi, $160,000.

163 Southwedge Dr., Mark Greenberg, Sandra Greenberg to Roger Brown, Sandra Brown, $170,000.

218 Cindy Dr., Edmund Kubiak to Aleksandr Sokolovskiy, Ida Sokolovskaya, $82,000.

125 Siegfried Dr., Anne Bachmann, Adam Bachmann to William Bachmann, Susan Bachmann, $90,000.

319 Lamarck Dr., Gordon Galzerano, Andrea Galzerano to Michael Neelon, Kathryn Neelon, $88,000.

50 Greencastle Lane, Adele Moberg, James Moberg to Scott Holmes, Frances Holmes, $177,000.

2495 N Forest Rd., Frank Nero to B & K Realty Co, $850,000.

9 Beacon Park, Ellsworth Smith, Susan Smith to Patricia Gister, $75,950.

125 Argyle Ave., Clara Heinz to Thomas Tucker, $68,500.

136 Berryman Dr., Mark Jedele, Jeanette Jedele to Mark Multerer, Kathleen Lynch, $144,000.

132 Gina Meadows Dr., Russell Sperlazza, Jennie Sperlazza to Catherine Onions, $157,000.

300 Campbell Blvd., Walter Stahl, Ray Stahl to Lebros Restaurant Inc., $30,000.

135 Clearfield Dr., Richard Switala, Naomi Switala to Robert Stewart, $105,500.

1654 Charlesgate Circle, Barbara Kowal, Barbra Smith to Lynda Esposito, $71,900.

385 Renaissance Dr., Ayer & Klein Properties Inc. to Linda Gidwitz, $535,888.

830 Lebrun Rd., Philip Wels, Elayne Wels to Lynn Davis, $425,000.

10 Crystal Springs Lane, ACP Partnership to The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp., $29,338.

61C Park Club Lane, Frank Calvo to Federal National Mortgage Association, $49,079.

3932 Ridge Lea B, Seung Lee to Michelle Tharnish, $55,000.

3 Daven Dr., Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony Baldi, Trisha Baldi, $165,500.

105 Hitching Post Lane, The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Seung Lee, Hyun Lee, $137,900.

1431 Dodge Rd., Michael Canacari to The Randall Benderson 1993-1 Trust 092293, $5,000.

512 Homecrest Dr., James Depczynski, Susan Harris to HUD, $76,637.

90 Castle Court, Filarecki Family Trust 050294 to Brian Wilson, Linda Wilson, $68,000.

178 Foxhunt Lane, Leonard White, Caroline White to P Polokoff, Maureen Polokoff, $171,000.

5507 Main St., Peter Krog to James Zaepfel, $59,090.

5505 Main St., Peter Krog to James Zaepfel, $121,500.

295 Reist St., Theodore Tarbell, Kkatherine Tarbell to Thomas Convey, Susan Convey, $174,000.

876 Center St., Pompeo Suriano, Eileen Suriano to Thomas Burns, Angela Burns, $125,500.

20 Center Ridge Rd., James Loncar to Louis Barile, Sandra Barile, $40,025.

6 Tolland Bore, Marjorie Williams to Frederick Naedele, Donna Naedele, $83,000.

959 Big Tree Rd., Carriage Drive Corp. to Robert Kohler, Sheila Kohler, $105,000.

4649 Transit Rd., Donald Pierce, Diane Pierce to Timothy Szmolke, Linda Szmolke, $127,900.

Vacant Land, Vincent Bonerb, June Bonerb to Boston Hill Llc, $500,000.

46 Alexander Pl., Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Gertrude Douglas, $75,900.

45 Custer, Charles King to Antoinette Howard, $59,900.

40 Rommel Ave., William Lozada, Maria Ramos to Keybank National Association, $8,500.

32 Harlow Pl., Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Sarah Armster, $80,308.

960 Lovejoy St., Philip Rosinski to Kevin Schreiber, Melissa Rosenow, $55,000.

35 West Ave., Peter Scoma, Mary Scoma to David Hidalgo, Brenda Hidalgo, $20,000.

64 Olympic Ave., Donald Ross to Effie Mcnair, Chauncee Beamon, $30,000.

61 & 63 Durham Ave., HUD to Bernadine Burgos, $25,300.

85 Weber Ave., Louis Leone to Crystal Ealey, $40,000.

62 Kerns Ave., Eddie Atkinson, Viola Atkinson to Sibley Mortgage Corp., $35,433.

380 Curtiss St., Robert Augustyniak to Marine Midland Mortgage Corp., $23,250.

187 Sumner St., Valerie Raymond to Erie Development Inc., $42,800.

187 Sumner St., Erie Development Inc. to Andrew Smith, $41,119.

20 California St., HUD to Michelle Downey, $21,099.

666 Taunton Pl., Doris Hasler, Anne Hasler to Ronald Karek, Monica Ferella, $64,000.

325 Wyoming Ave., Dorothy Anderson, Dorothy Jefferson to Wendell Hamner, Roxanne Hamner, $31,000.

250 Humboldt, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp. to Caroline Silbak, $48,000.

52 Donaldson, 52 Donaldson Trust to David Jenkins, Mary Feaster, $70,000.

73 Wiley Pl., Gerald Joan Brant to Leonard Batiuk, $58,000.

12 Halbert, MJ Peterson/Forbes Housing Co. to Marina Rivera, $89,232.

317 Hewitt Ave., Association of First Federal Savings & Loan to HUD, $52,917.

272 Jersey St., Wilber Frederickson to Woodrow Howard, $35,000.

5 Marina Park, Victoria Alfiero to Barbara Henderson, $200,000.

2255 Genesee St., Anthony Rinelli, Bernadette Rinelli to Abdullah Ali, Lisa Hakeem, $21,000.

326 Davey St., Joseph Federowicz, Charlotte Federowicz to Lisa Miller, $51,250.

302 Massachusetts St., Habitat For Humanity/Buffalo Inc. to Alba Quiroa, $36,000.

106 Swinburne, Suzanne Zulawski to Rebuild Buffalo Associates, $15,000.

352 Abbott Rd., Anne Molloy to Eric Beckstein, Tina Beckstein, $66,000.

70 Gold St., HUD to James Bald, Cherryann Bald, $15,500.

469 Doat St., Cecelia Kalinowski, Chester Kalinowski to Deborah Zdon, $41,100.

236 Brunswick Blvd., Geneva Maclin to Michael Ferguson, Michelle Ferguson, $42,000.

311 Goodyear Ave., MSG Partners to Pamela Johnson, Shirley Johnson, $10,000.

216 Ericson, Joseph Harris, Gloria Harris to Tabitha Meeks, $48,600.

45 Millicent, James Millich to Carolyn $23,500.

117 Gittere, Leonard Grugel to Federal National Mortgage Association, $28,363.

29 Wasmuth Ave., Robert Michaels to HUD, $15,531.

185 Orange St., Habitat For Humanity/Buffalo Inc. to Alethea Davis, $28,900.

101 Goodyear Ave., Peter Tasca to Patti Brown, $17,000.

189 Hampshire St., Francesco Veneziano, Maria Veneziano to Vincenczo Veneziano, Alfio Veneziano, $30,000.

45 Wadsworth St., HUD to Racquel Bursee, $6,501.

437 Potomac Ave., John Edmiston, Ruth Rauch to Willie Roberta $55,000.

655 Lasalle Ave., HUD to Michael Scott, $36,274.

103 Pooley Pl., HUD to Lisa Valle, $14,120.

67 Traymore, Daniel Guerra to Nhieu Huynh, $81,000.

810 South Park Ave., Felicia Kawa, Carol Tumiel to Anthony Pezzimenti, $43,000.

178 West Delavan, Augustine Cortez to HUD, $33,332.

1546 Broadway, Richard Panicali to Mary Qasem, $60,000.

12 Crescent St., James Schratz, Beth Agre to Andrew Schmitz, $47,500.

85 Pooley Pl., Geraldine Convey, Jon Convey to James Barnes, $5,000.

293-295 Winslow Ave., Julie Zumbrunn to Loyd Nailor, $15,000.

230 Huntington Ave., Catherine Carney, Catherine Whissel to Erie Development Inc., $43,000.

110 Homer Ave., Christine Lograsso to Amy Waycie, $65,200.

26 Lark St., Genella Bennett to Keybank National Association, $12,507.

142 Peach St., James Management Co. Inc. to Vanessa Smith, $16,000.

78 Arnold St., Harold Martin, Allison Totaro to HUD, $60,659.

187 Hazelwood Ave., Charles King to Charles Garner, $64,900.

275 Parkside Ave., Susan Geelan to Kevin Chmura, $87,000.

41 Hinman Ave., Mary Runfola to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., Chase Home Mortgage Corp., $56,227.

287 East St., Federal National Mortgage Association to Colby Smith, Deana Smith, $39,900.

557 Bush Ave., Mario Albert to Chase Mortgage Services Inc., Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., $18,319.

52 Richlawn Ave., Chase Mortgage Services Inc., Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to HUD, $28,480.

119 Clare St., Arthur Yates to Geronimo Batista, $12,000.

149 Hedley Pl., Cora Joyner, Cleve Joyner to Antoinette Palmer, $52,000.

71 Chester St., Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Cynthia Wright, $75,900.

76 Lilac St., James Vetter, Rebecca Vetter to Keybank National Association, $49,000.

761 Eagle St., Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Martha Jackson, $63,500.

1038 Main St., Buffalo Inc. to Commercial Realty Fund II, $105,000.

223-225 Jersey St., Gerald Mrowinski to Security Pacific National Trust Co., $58,976.

115 Wecker St., Kelly Smithers to Beatrice Nix, $24,000.

2084 Bailey Ave., Michael Potter to Erie Development Inc., $8,000.

188 Roslyn St., HUD to Michael Towns, $12,500.

199 Stanislaus 26 Brighto, Edward Mroz to Kenneth Mccullough, $10,000.

51 Mumford St., Charles Knier, Karen Knier to David Walsh, Cheryl Walsh, $53,000.

75 North Park Ave., Lee Padalino to Lisa Rohring, Vivian Rohring, $96,000.

149 Keystone Ave., HUD to Luther Barr, $7,000.

297 Babcock St., Industrial Realty & Funding Inc. to Mark Fischman, Margaret Fischman, $160,000.

196 Shirley Ave., Commercial Capital Corp. of New York to Charles King, $11,000.

45 Briggs Ave., John Riddagh to David Lucas, $60,000.

546 Linden Ave., Mary Mallia to Peter Juliano, $76,000.

15 Evelyn St., Patricia Masterson, Gerald Masterson to HUD, $80,035.

97 Texas St., Esther Alford to Keith Canazzi, $17,000.

68 Warwick Ave., William Gillespie to John Davis, Michele Davis, $49,900.

148 Dartmouth, Buffalo Corp. to Keith Canazzi, $6,750.

1080 Elmwood Ave., John Liberati, Marion Liberati to William Masset, $10,826.

99 Woodridge Ave., Fleet Mortgage Corp, Fleet Real Estate Funding Corp. to HUD, $81,281.

742 Beach Rd., Donald Stroud to Jeffrey Stroud, Kerry Stroud, $65,000.

204 Danbury Dr., Phyllis Overturf to Alfonso Cuomo, $65,000.

110 Clover Pl., Santina Morreale to Donald Petrella, $70,000.

15 Preston Rd., Marguerite Crowe to Thomas Stenzel, Penny Stenzel, $52,000.

68 Basswood Dr., Charles Ottaviano, Carol Ottaviano to James Kendall, Elaine Kendall, $84,500.

30 Leo Place, Matthew Nowocien, Stella Nowocien to Robert Zacher, Connie Zacher, $122,000.

99 Jerome Dr., Anthony Spadaro, Mary Spadaro to Michael Shady, $99,000.

10 Siberling Dr., Robert Fickett, Cheryl Fickett to Robyn Meyer, $45,000.

52 Constance, Sheila Walters to Dina Sciortino, Richard Marszalek, $81,500.

1189 Walden Ave., Erie Development Inc. to Stanley Oryszak, Roy Oryszak, $58,000.

47 Henry St., Rose Stachowiak to Timothy Rovillo, Kerry Reynolds, $72,500.

35 Nandale Dr., Edwin Romowicz, Mary Romowicz to Barbara Kuciel, $72,750.

47 Marywood Dr., Ernest Hyers, Barbara Hyers to Mohamad Naji, Mervat Al-Naji, $114,000.

44 West Rouen, Samuel Leone to Barbara Barrett, Carolyn Block, $76,375.

8290 Royal Ascot Circle, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Brian Brault, Jean Brault, $343,611.

8390 Clarence Ctr Rd., William Cournan, Suzanne Cournan to R Smith, $187,000.

8606 Clarence Center Rd., Mary Gardner to Michael Zinno, Catherine Zinno, $127,500.

8925 Sheridan Dr., Robert Barone, Jackie Barone to Laurence Hebeler, Kathleen Hebeler, $120,292.

4457 Barton Rd., Beatrice Myers, Donald Myers to Mary Gardner, $68,000.

9336 Pine Breeze Lane, Cimato & Sons to NVR Homes Inc., Ryan Homes, $40,700.

8646 Golden Rod Ct., Meadowlakes Development Corp. to Steven Krauss, Karin Krauss, $322,000.

9192 Pinyon Ct., V/L, Cimato & Sons to Daniel Singer, Karen Singer, $35,000.

4925 Hillcrest Dr., Roberta Parker to Mark Francisco, Tracy Francisco, $10,600.

5205 Fox Trace, The Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Christopher Randall, Katie Randall, $273,845.

6359 Everwood Ct., John Owens, Catherine Owens to John Russ, Susan Russ, $227,500.

5533 Oak Field Lane, Venture KNF Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint to Forbes Homes Inc., $51,500.

5533 Oak Field Lane, Forbes Homes Inc. to I Siegel, $261,900.

8880 Main St., Donald Calandra to Rock Garden Properties Llc, $325,000.

Pritchard Rd., George Hurley, Hans Haage to Kevin Reilly, $13,000.

6463 Zoar Valley Rd., Patricia Willey to Ann Wurtz, $68,000.

10015 Trevett Rd., Lee Pattison, Gail Pattison to Barbara Hahin, $90,000.

13721 Mortons Corner Rd., Gary Mancuso to Ann Frazier, $11,000.

110 Spring St., Lucy Lux, George Lux to Joseph Federowicz, Charlotte Federowicz, $64,700.

V/L Clinton St., Marjorie Gorenflo to Gary Rogers, Cynthia Rogers, $25,710.

1820 Eden Evans Ctr Rd., Nanette Clark, Ronald Clark to Gregoire Poulin, $145,000.

1452 Wisconsin Rd., Howard Hoskinson, Sandra Hosinson to Scott Blankenship, $82,000.

7076 Brandywine Dr., Joseph Nowakowski, Linda Nowakowski to Donald Becker, $78,000.

V/L South Main St., Jeffrey Rachow, Lydia Rachow to Gary Kauder, Eileen Kauder, $25,000.

62 Riverview Ct., Mark Genco, Mary Genco to Rocco Casullo, Carla Friend, $163,500.

2925 Whitehaven Road, Steven Rushton to Richard Hoover, Cynthia Miller, $120,000.

127 White Tail Run, Bakota Construction Co. Inc. to William Costello, Cheryl Costello, $190,000.

46 Lombardy Lane, Lillian Cheeseman to Gerald Matthews, $84,000.

5074 Electric Ave., Eugene Urbanczyk to Kenneth Perry, Wendy Perry, $87,000.

2621 Lyndale Ave., Jerry Vinciguerra, Rose Vinciguerra to Sharon Vinciguerra, Phyllis Zagarrigo, $59,000.

4529 Roundtree, Russell Coticchio, Dawn Coticchio to Gregg Barone, Cynthia Barone, $110,000.

S5856 Lakeview Terr, Francis Callahan, Dennis Callahan to Thomas Erdley, Tina Erdley, $39,000.

4330 Berkley Pl., Berkley Place Inc. to Margaret Wahl, $92,900.

4109 Jarvis St., Leona Gurish, Leona Host to Michele Wizner, $50,000.

3700 Second Ave., David Ries, Joan Ries to Daniel Pelsey, Doris Pelsey, $48,000.

S-5561 Deacon St., Philip Loguidice to Terry Hixson, Lisa Hixson, $60,000.

4559 S Buckingham Lane, Thomas Finn, Barbara Finn to Richard Pasternak, Karen Pasternak, $88,450.

9 Saddlebrook Point Road, James English, Jean English to Mary Schaffer, $165,000.

72 Pearl St., Bernice Taylor, Raymond Taylor to Timothy Bennett, $78,000.

5214 Genesee Rd., Mary Wetzel, Mary Wurtz to James Wurtz, Mary Wetzel, $90,000.

41 Remwood Ave., Loretta Malecki to Living Independently Inc., $5,000.

15 Argus Dr., Douglas Hammond to Michael Flanagan, Pattiann Flanagan, $71,000.

19 Wainwright Ct., Darwin Overholt, Christine Overholt to David Oswald, Kathleen Oswald, $118,000.

19 Wainwright Ct., Darwin Overholt, Christine Overholt to David Oswald, Kathleen Oswald, $17,000.

68 Harvey Dr., Mary Russillio to James Winkel, Susan Schenk, $86,000.

3 Sherborn Ave., John Morris, Phyllis Morris to David Roberts, Catherine Cyrek, $95,000.

42 Michaels Walk, Glenhollow Associates to Nigel Enterprises Inc., $32,000.

42 Michaels Walk, Nigel Enterprises Inc. to Paul Nogowski, Marie Kapsalis, $132,900.

5 Cambridge Court, Windsor Ridge Partners to Maria Leone, $38,000.

44 Country Place, Kevin Patterson, Heather Patterson to Lawrence Mazur, Kimbery Czerwinski, $112,500.

4743 William St., Anthony Kent, Loretta Kent to 81 & 3 of Watertown Inc., $220,000.

32 St., Jude4 Dr., Kenneth Mahoney to Thomas Petre, Joan Petre, $50,000.

44-46 Rich Pl., Henry Wiechec, Rose Wiechec to Jeffery Dietz, $55,000.

1596 Abbott Rd., Salvatore Restivo, Ingeborg Restivo to Marlene Mitri, Michael Jacobik, $150,000.

35 Glenwood Ave., Ismael Rivera, Juanita Rivera to Wanda Turner, $25,000.

160 Center St., Lawrence Pitillo, Arlene Pitillo to Valerie Minich, Mary Minich, $84,900.

S 2093 Four Rod Rd., James Miller, Theresa Miller to Darleen Thuman, $105,400.

3849 Meadowvale Dr., Sharon Henel to Scott Bussinger, Nancy Bussinger, $181,000.

11367 Bullis Rd., Adam Dobmeier, Barbara Dobmeier to Brian Dobmeier, Francine Cohen, $50,000.

4367 Langford Rd., Mary Tupyckyj to Mark Mclaughlin, $84,460.

109 John St., Gerald Bistoff, Joan Bistoff to Theodore Bistoff, $60,000.

35 Ashwood Lane, Sunshine Custom Homes Inc. to David Smith, $188,500.

4879 California Rd., Benedict Beal, Marie Beal to William Hoch, Susan Hoch, $90,000.

Burbank Dr., Boyle Properties Ltd. to Frbes Homes Inc., $250,000.

3508 N Buffalo Rd., Barbara Locurto to Gregory Docenko, Donna Docenko, $96,000.

28 Cherry Tree Lane, Michael Galbraith, Margaret Galbraith to John Boyczuk, Patricia Boyczuk, $266,000.

6039-3 Quaker Hollow, Tomarsue Inc. to Louis Bracci, Carmeleen Monaco, $148,500.

7745 Jewett Holmwood, Donald Laing, Margaret Laing to Richard Vangys, $142,000.

Big Tree Rd. & Coban Dr., James Zaepfel to Peter Krog, $165,328.

4626 Abbott Rd., Angus Mcneil, Pamela Mcneil to Michael Slojkowski, Donna Stone, $76,000.

11149 Warner Gulf Rd., Leroy Moore, Robin Moore to Howard Manges, Cynthia Manges, $9,000.

13140 Van Slyke Rd., Marion Sixt to Douglas Empringham, Dianne Empringham, $68,000.

89 Elmwood Park West, Antoinette Harmon to Susan Geelan, $80,000.

82 Enola Ave., Thomas Poland to Marsha Mccarthy, $82,000.

299 Thorncliff Rd., Raymond Hammett, Sally Hammett to Michael Freiert, Laurie Freiert, $72,000.

376 Tremont Ave., Maruta Winebrenner, Viestarts Racenis to Joseph Garippo, Suzanne Garippo, $63,500.

158 Midland Ave., Stanley Cichowski, Joan Cichowski to John Fatta, Marie Fatta, $70,000.

99 Colonial Ave., Carol Leff, Diana Carr to Edward Guzenski, Marie Guzenski, $67,000.

248 Wardman Rd., Diana Borja, Diana Czyz to William Koch, Diana Koch, $77,500.

47 Chaplin Dr., Lucille Stanton to Edward Doyle, $72,500.

84 Dunlop Ave., Martin Link, Judith Link to Brian Busch, Carrie Ensminger, $66,250.

321 Hamilton Blvd., Carolyn Martin, Robert Martin to Jo Collesano, $55,000.

250 Sawyer Ave., Constance Eaton, Geraldine Martin to Llc Chester Manufacturing Co., $140,000.

344 Puritan Rd., Jeffrey Brown, Debra Brown to Michael Kalinowski, Renee Vizzi, $88,000.

2727 Elmwood Ave., Agnes Busch, Spencer Busch to 394 Franklin Street Inc., $150,000.

200 W Hazeltine, Daniel Oconnor, Irma Oconnor to Richard Stone, $76,900.

160 Bathurst Dr., Joseph Bieron to Elaine Elkington, Robert Elkington, $122,000.

78 Roswell Ave., William Lewis, Ann Lewis to The Town of Tonawanda, $32,500.

59 June Rd., Eleanor Forgette, Forgette Family John N Forgette & Eleanor L to Michael Radwan, Sandra Radwan, $69,000.

180 Glendale Dr., Dorothy Gebura to Gerald Brant, Joan Brant, $93,000.

155 Victoria Blvd., Denis Rotunno to Elaine Felsen, $120,000.

13611 Schang Rd., Karl Dembik, Maria Dembik to Bruce Coons, Betty Coons, $240,000.

301 East & West Rd., Robert Dewein to Randy Chavanne, Erik Spoelstra, $58,000.

369 Leydecker Rd., Ralph Sparrow, Deborah Sparrow to Arthur Stahl, April Stahl, $172,500.

248 Lein Rd., Michael Boyczuk, John Boyczuk to Gregory Kloepfer, $335,000.

37 Sunbriar Dr., Rocco Lapenna to Robert Tyczka, Mildred Tyczka, $134,000.

87 & 89 Carla Lane, Ralph Pignataro to Sunrise Builders Inc., $7,250.

87 & 89 Carla Lane, Carl Bueme, Adam Radolinski to Sunrise Builders Inc., $21,750.

35 Morgott, Keith Altman, Linda Eckert to Daniel Kapsiak, Suzanne Dolegala, $83,000.

91 French Lea Rd., Antoune Jreige, Madeleine Jreige to George Khangi, $80,000.

5266 Seneca St., Thomas Smith, Kim Smith to London Norway Corp., $46,035.

88 Dover Dr., Roger Schultz, Sharon Schultz to Donald Spors, $81,000.

104 Brookside Dr., James Mcandrew, Elizabeth Mcandrew to Cheryl Popson, $84,000.

1395 Center Rd., Edward Szekely, Patricia Szekely to Ronald Ullrich, Patricia Ullrich, $87,000.

61 Woddcrest, J Dickman to Kathy Johns, Matthew Burke, $63,500.

149 Manhassett St., Arthur Moore, Vera Moore to Paul Slater, $65,500.

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