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This week's Super Saver is Arlene Hecht of Houston, who writes:

"I was so excited about a recent purchase that I just had to write. I had a coupon that said if I purchased two Kraft Cheese products plus one Pace Picante Sauce, I would receive a bag of tostada chips free (up to $1.50 in value). I also had a coupon for 55 cents off Velveeta cheese, plus the large 2-pound Velveeta was on sale for $3.99 or $1 off. Also, the Tostito Baked chips were on sale for $3.19, buy-one-get-one-free. The end result was that I got one free bag of Tostitos and one at $1.69, and the Velveeta for $3.44. The snacks taste better when you pay less."

Today's offers

$2 Coty foundation refund. For a $2 refund, send a store-identified register receipt dated July 1, 1996, through Dec. 31, 1996, plus a UPC symbol from a Coty Chronologix Line Minimizing Makeup compact .30-ounce, liquid 1-ounce, or cream .75-ounce. Store form required. Expires: Jan. 31, 1997.

$6 value Castrol T-shirt offer. To receive an NFL T-shirt in your choice of teams, send an original, dated register receipt from a purchase of a Castrol GTX or Heavy Duty motor oil case or a Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic or Synthetic Blend 6-pack. Also, send either the proof-of-purchase symbol from a case or six-pack or two tamper-proof rings from the bottle caps of any of the above products. Finally, send a register receipt from a purchase of a Castrol Super Clean 24-ounce or larger and, on the receipt, write UPC number from that product. If you don't wish to purchase the Castrol Super Clean, you may receive the shirt by sending the proof from the motor oil plus a $2.95 handling fee. If you would rather have cash, you will receive $2.40 for sending the proof-of-purchase listed above from Castrol Syntec Blend; $3.60 for Castrol GTX or Heavy Duty; $6 for Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic. There is a limit of two redemptions total for all Castrol promotion offers coded CAS 9609. The required store form must be postmarked by Feb. 15, 1997, and received by Feb. 28, 1997. No refunds will be sent to P.O. Box addresses.

$5 Children's Sudafed offer. To receive the purchase price to $5, send a register receipt dated Sept. 1, 1996, through March 31, 1997, plus a Children's Sudafed product UPC symbol. Required store form expires March 31, 1997. The refund will not be sent to a P.O. Box address unless resident address is also filled in on form.

$2 Sylvania 3-way refund. To receive a $3 refund, send three Sylvania 3-way bulb package UPC symbols. The required form was on the Sylvania Soft White 3-way promotion pack and expires Dec. 31, 1998.

$5 Puncture Seal rebate. For a $5 refund, send a store-identified, dated register receipt from a purchase of a Puncture Seal, or on a plain piece of paper write your name, address, the name of the Puncture Seal product you purchased and its UPC number. Newspaper insert write-up. No expiration date. Limit two refunds per item per household. No refunds will be sent to P.O. Box addresses.

Send any questions or problems regarding coupons and refunding to Super Saver, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, in care of The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 639, Libertyville, Ill. 60048.

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