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Some things are difficult to master. I'm not talking about A.P. Biology, but something more common: music.

More specifically, playing an instrument.

I've always appreciated people who can strum a guitar, beat a drum or slam some keys. It has always intrigued me the way people my age can effortlessly play a song by simply touching an instrument.

So I decided to join the fun -- only we never had a piano or a guitar that had all its strings. Instead, I taught myself piano by actually applying knowledge from school -- music classes in particular -- on pianos belonging to others. My friends who I thought were "lucky enough" to take piano lessons (you know who you are) helped teach me the more technical parts of reading music.

I always thought that those band, orchestra and chorus kids from my middle school, Mill Middle, were so lucky. They always got to go on field trips and miss school! But getting to the point where missing school was an option took a lot of hard work, mostly practice, practice, practice - or so my friends told me. It's still worth it, don't you think?

Years from now, when all these teen-agers are grown up and have children in middle school, there is always a chance that Mom or Dad can drag out a dusty old trombone and help the kid learn his or her scales. Which proves that music lessons in school can actually apply to real life.

Right now, I am attempting to learn guitar by myself, but it is extremely difficult. My fingers refuse to bend in those awkward positions.

To all of you who can actually do this sort of thing -- with any instrument -- I commend you on a job well done. In fact, I'd sing you a song, but I just can't figure out how to play one lousy chord on this acoustic guitar.

Heather Ammermuller is a junior at Williamsville South High School.

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