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On Oct. 15, Capt. Joseph B. Scioli of the Amherst Police Narcotics Unit made some distressing comments after the arrest of two young men for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The men referred to themselves as Phish-heads, similar but unlike a Deadhead, or people who follow the music group Phish and the Grateful Dead, respectively. Capt. Scioli said, "We don't know what a Phish-head means, but they take psychedelic drugs."

Well, I consider myself a Phish-head, and I'm proud to say I don't do psychedelics. That was an ignorant tag to put on a group of people, like saying all Buffalo Bills fans are drunks.

Capt. Scioli also added, "Maybe they ought to try and get a job like the rest of us." Well, I have a job and I work hard to follow Phish around.


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