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For the word "insensitivity," my computer's thesaurus lists: callous, cold, heartless, uncaring, unfeeling. These words all describe the City of Buffalo's action of the razing of Robert Conboy's home. These words further illustrate the "use-up-and-throw-away" attitude of our society when it is faced with the harsh realities of life.

Mr. Conboy needed help and compassion. Instead, he was treated coldly, with callous disregard for his basic human rights, by a heartless system operated by uncaring political animals who feel nothing but the constant fear of losing their power in the next election.

Each day in newspapers and on TV news programs we are confronted by appalling events: murders of our young people, violence destroying families, elected officials taking advantage of the power entrusted to them by the American people in order to solidify their political position. Unfortunately, we have become anesthetized, deadened and numb, as we turn away from watching human lives hang in the balance, because it is too painful to analyze the true ramifications of such horrible events.

Because we have the right to vote to change the structure of our government, we also bear the responsibility to hold those we elect accountable for their actions.

Both the mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals have suffered tremendous budget cuts in the years of the Pataki administration. Perhaps, with the assistance of such a program, Mr. Conboy could have gotten his life back together and been able to maintain his home and be a good neighbor. Instead, he was thrown away -- considered a nuisance, his home an eyesore.

We must tell our elected officials that their job security depends upon how well they ensure that ALL citizens' rights are protected, not just the ones who make campaign contributions.

Helen Feron Amherst

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