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After reading the Viewpoints article of Oct. 13 on grain elevators, I realized a solution to the plight of these massive structures: Let the casino operators move in and set up shop.

Think about it. No one seems to have an economically beneficial plan for the elevators, and apparently it is too expensive to demolish them. Casinos are a part of our future, whether we like it or not. If casino operators are allowed to use and renovate the elevators (and surrounding land/waterfront), it can be stipulated that they be saved for historical significance.

Casinos would bring about a redevelopment of this waterfront area. Not only would casinos cater to the gambling populace (as our friends in Canada will attest), but family attractions could give people a reason to visit the area for recreational and/or entertainment pursuits (a la Las Vegas currently).

James P. McLaughlin West Seneca

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