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Just as the Orioles learned at Yankee Stadium that baseball is a game of inches when a young fan turned an out into a home run, so the Bills learned Sunday that football can be a game of a couple feet. If Andre Reed had managed to carry the ball a couple more feet and had fallen forward to put the ball in the end zone, it would have been a whole new ball game.

That's why I think the fans should not be too hard on Jim Kelly and he should not flirt with the idea of retiring. To paraphrase the common saying for a family newspaper, stuff happens. Throughout the game, Kelly showed flashes of his old form, and the final drive was masterful until Andre fell just a few feet short of the goal line. Why Marv called for a pass on the first play from the 2 will remain one of life's mysteries.

I trust that those who know from experience how tough it is to get back to full efficiency at work after several weeks absence because of illness or injury will not be among those calling for Kelly's scalp. The rest of us don't have to regain our form before 80,000 fans and a nationwide audience. A 4-2 record is not the end of the world. Let's stick with the man who led the Bills to four Super Bowls. He's our best hope to lead them to No. 5.

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