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Is anyone to blame for anything anymore? It seems not. As County Executive Gorski said in a recent press statement, everyone on the face of the Earth is aware that cigarettes aren't good for people. Yet it seems that, even though we know it's a deadly habit, if we smoke, it was R.J. Reynolds that made us do it.

The most recent claim behind these accusations is that we didn't know that cigarettes were addictive and so it was near impossible to save ourselves from this great conspiracy. This type of logic has invaded our entire society and is fostering the development of generations of Americans who feel that almost any fault or error can be rationalized away.

More importantly, there's lots of money to be made by blaming others.

If the county executive is sincere in his actions, then can we expect that he will also bring lawsuits against the beer/alcohol/wine industry for selling addictive products that lead to highway fatalities and enormous health problems? Certainly alcohol is no less harmful emotionally or financially than tobacco.

Paul J. O'Brien East Aurora

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