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Some of the best sites on the World Wide Web (and one of the worst and most boring) are based on soft drinks.

One site that's fun to visit because of the awesome graphics is When you enter, you are greeted with a background of skinny, wavy green lines and a bay window that beckons you to enter and download applications.

Pepsi World has areas like La La Land, with both the latest and the most obscure in movies and TV. Cloud 9, which Pepsi calls "a virtual tour of today's pop culture," is the most interesting.

It's free and fairly simple to do. Click on the Drop Zone hypertext, and follow the prompts they give you. The best way to view all the Pepsi proceedings is to use Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer, plus Shockwave, VRML, RealAudio and Java -- all the latest software to experience the Net.

But if you're like me -- on a really small allowance -- you can download the software from Pepsi World itself. Make sure you have a lot ot time, though. It takes forever.

7-Up's site is another of my favorites, because it offers a lot that has absolutely nothing to do with 7-Up. When you visit the site, at, you can click on a link to Speak Up to answer a question of the week, like "What is America's real national pastime -- watching TV, baseball or moshing?" You can also link to Listen Up, where you can download mainstream and obscure alternative music, along with band biographies and pictures.

Coke's site,, is a veeeeeery boring home page all about how wonderful its company is.

Better than Coke, but not very eventful, is the Snapple site, at The home page is a simple blue background surrounding a guy with Snapple bottles for teeth. But you can get free Snapple by e-mailing the word "hello."

-- Knight-Ridder

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