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A recent article in The News told of a Ken-Ton School Board meeting where a list of pupil expectations was drafted. One of the trustees saw this as a "wish list."

As a taxpayer, I don't see how basic skills, knowledge and character development could be considered a "wish list." It should be a reasonable expectation, since the Ken-Ton per pupil costs are supposed to be the highest in the area. But spending levels and quality seem to have no positive correlation.

It's long past time for the public sector to use the cost-containment practices used so successfully in the private sector, such as performance-based advancement and competition.

The News could provide a great public service by doing an investigation and comparative article on student progress and teacher salaries in both the public and private sectors.

Since "choice" has been popular in health issues, maybe taxpayers can be offered a "choice" in education. This is the competition needed to control rising taxes before an even greater exodus from Western New York happens.

Peggy Nowak Buffalo

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