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Once again, it's another case of star status, star treatment. Instead of an immediate suspension, including playoffs, Roberto Alomar filed an appeal and played the last two games of the regular season and, of course, appears in the playoffs (which wouldn't have been affected by the suspension anyway). To me, what Alomar did was more disgraceful and disrespectful than if he'd punched the umpire.

It disgusts me to see the Michael Irvins, Bam Morrises and Steve Howes of this world get away with a "slap on the wrist."

Something isn't right here. It's unforgivable to place a wager on your own baseball team, but it's OK to abuse drugs again and again?

When Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive game streak, he said, "if Lou Gehrig were looking down here right now, I think he'd see what's good and right about baseball."

If Lou Gehrig were looking down right now, at Donald Fehr, Steve Howe, Roberto Alomar, player strikes, and the many other things that have gone wrong with baseball, he wouldn't be happy. However, he wouldn't spit on it.

Shame on you, baseball.

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