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A lawyer is investigating reports that a therapist met with Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson just days before they were slashed to death, Goldman's father said Thursday.

Lawyer Daniel M. Petrocelli plans to ask therapist Jennifer Ameli about a published report that the victims told Ms. Ameli that Simpson had threatened Ronald Goldman just before the killings, Fred Goldman said.

The National Enquirer said its report this week was based on an anonymous "insider who knows what Ron and Nicole told the therapist." The Enquirer also said Goldman was romantically involved with Ms. Simpson -- an assertion that Fred Goldman flatly denied.

Police reports show Ms. Ameli reported a burglary at her office on Sept. 15, 1994, three months after the slayings. She told police that files, a calendar book and other papers were taken. Police said there was no sign of forced entry.

Police didn't describe the stolen records, but the Enquirer said the files were those of the victims.

Ms. Ameli filed a second police report a short time later claiming that somebody had followed her to her office and threatened her from behind.

Simpson, meanwhile, showed up at Petrocelli's office to continue giving his deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Goldman and Brown families.

As Simpson left his home, he held up a sign with the telephone number for ordering his videotape about the case.

In his $29.95 mail-order video, Simpson expresses compassion for the families of the two victims but said, "I lost more than you did. I lost a person that I loved. I've lost my life."

"That's the most disgusting piece of garbage that I've heard come out of him," Fred Goldman said Thursday.

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