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The U.N. Security Council on Friday renewed until Nov. 30 the peacekeeping operation in the former Yugoslavia and split the 40,000-strong force into three separate, interlocking commands -- for Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia.

One of three unanimous resolutions adopted in quick succession also changed the mandate of the contingent in Croatia after President Franjo Tudjman had threatened to evict it.

He complained that the present U.N. force of more than 12,000 was only cementing the Croatian Serb hold over the Krajina region, comprising about a third of country, and had failed to restore Zagreb's authority and ensure the return of refugees.

Tudjman called in January for the removal of the U.N. troops after their mandate expired March 31, raising fears of new fighting.

The Croatia resolution provides only a framework for a mandate that would have to be negotiated.

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