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Echo the dolphin has left Niagara Falls Aquarium. The bad -- Echo has been taken to another concrete prison, not to freedom.

The News article pointed out some sad facts: Echo swims in endless circles; Echo has been lonely; and companions Splash and Oblio have died. Doesn't that give even a hint of something amiss here?

Wild dolphins travel many miles of ocean every day in pods from a few dolphins to hundreds. It is a dynamic lifestyle, as opposed to the monotonous excuse for existence that captive dolphins endure.

Aquariums like Niagara Falls have deprived countless cetaceans of freedom for the sake of questionable education and greed. Wild dolphins don't dine on dead fish as they tailwalk and jump across the water.

If the visitors to the aquarium really have "sentiments toward the dolphins," they'll demand a dolphin-free aquarium. These intelligent mammals aren't volunteers. As the popularity of dinosaurs proves, our children don't have to see live animals to care about them.


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