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The Ellicottville Village Board will consider a $1.3 million bond resolution Monday for the first phase of state-mandated improvements to its aging sewage system.

"The Four Flushers," a steering committee for the project made up of village and town officials, met Tuesday to discuss details remaining in the village's application for a short-term, interest-free $1.3 million loan through the Environmental Facilities Corp.

The agency administers state revolving-loan funds used to finance the early stages of municipal projects.

Mayor John Burrell said the amount of the bond resolution and loan may have to be adjusted to $1.4 million as cost estimates are revised over the next few days. If the bond resolution is adopted and most of the other details are completed by April 10, the loan application can be completed and will be reviewed over nine weeks.

Lynda Stephens, a grant writer helping the committee to find financing, is completing a contingency application for other funding if the Environmental Facilities Corp. rejects the application.

Once the project is under way, the village, which owns the treatment plant and sewer lines, plans to seek long-term Environmental Facilities Corp. loans for the project's second phase, repairing the sewage-treatment plant. Both facets of the project are expected to cost a total of $3 million.

Both the town and village must hammer out an agreement on how to share the project cost. Currently, 58 percent of the system's maintenance and operation burden rest with the town, and the remainder, with the village.

In addition, engineers are working with water-meter data to gauge consumption for all users of the system.

A recommendation then will be made to a committee computing a new water-rate structure.

Other requirements for the loan applications include easements for access to sewer lines within the town and village and design changes to replace the line around Signore Division of American Locker Group on Jefferson Street.

The first phase of the project is expected to begin this summer.

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