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The East Aurora School Board Tuesday adopted a $16,076,685 budget for 1995-96, up 4.5 percent from the current year.

The board also adopted two propositions to be presented to the voters May 17:

To establish a capital reserve $575,000 fund for renovating district buildings. The first year's contribution to the fund would be $98,430.

To establish full-day kindergarten at a cost of up to $264,000.

The board decided against presenting a separate $126,000 proposition for computer technology. Instead, that item was rolled into the $16 million general budget proposal.

Residents had submitted a petition for a proposition to transport all children in grades 3-5 at a cost of $78,000, but no board member was in favor of it.

Trustee William D. Reuter alone voted against the budget package to be submitted to voters on the grounds that it was unnecessarily complex.

Reuter had argued for the full-day kindergarten item to be included in the general fund budget, saying, "if we leave this proposition out by itself, it's doomed to failure."

"I think it's doomed to failure inside the budget," said Superintendent Robert B. Fort. "This is a large ticket item and, the first time out, it's going cause a big increase in the general budget figure."

Fort told the board that all the district residents who have called him about all-day kindergarten have opposed it.

"They felt that if $264,000 was available, there are other programs to be addressed first," Fort said.

Fort said that teachers and staff have developed a "solid integrated" all-day kindergarten curriculum and there is space in the schools to accommodate it.

Voting will be from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Main Street School. Voters also will elect three trustees.

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