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Two editorials appearing in a recent issue of The News sent contradictory signals and suggest that the paper's editorial writers can't stomach the spending cuts they acknowledge are needed to get America's fiscal house in order.

One editorial railed against GOP budget rescissions, passed March 16 in the House of Representatives, while the second editorial called for a balanced budget over the next several years.

Besides avoiding conflicting messages, the editorial page needs to check its facts more closely.

The GOP rescissions were prompted, not by the "Contract With America," as the editorial suggested, but by President Clinton's promise to provide California with billions in disaster relief.

In Clinton fashion, the president decided to put this $5.36 billion tab on the nation's already overextended credit card, rather than finding the money to pay for it.

Republicans, on the other hand, are doing what most families in Buffalo would do when faced with unexpected costs: trim something here, go without something there and come up with the extra funds.

We take this approach because we recognize the moral imperative of reining in our deficits and explosive national debt. Anyone questioning this path should consider this sobering fact: Each child or grandchild born in America today shoulders a $17,800 portion of the nation's $4.7 trillion debt.

This daunting figure is exactly why Republicans in Congress went beyond finding the $5.36 billion needed to pay for California disaster relief and secured an additional $11.94 billion in savings to be used as a down payment on deficit reduction.

While the president and others in Congress take a walk on the issue of debt and deficit reduction, the Republican majority recognizes how crucial this task is and is taking action now.

By May of this year, the Republican Congress will present a budget that balances our nation's books by the year 2002.

We will accomplish this task by doing what folks in our community do each and every day -- make tough choices and live within their means.

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