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A mother who spotted some strange behavior in her children Sunday afternoon, and almost passed out when she got near a defective oven, said the media coverage on carbon monoxide poisoning helped her save her family.

"It was just knowing the symptoms. By me being aware of it, and everybody getting sick all at once, I did think about that," said Jacqueline David of 54 Earl Place.

Mrs. David and five children who were in the house were all rushed to Children's Hospital at about 12:30 p.m. after Buffalo firefighters and representatives of National Fuel went to her address. Mrs. David and the children, from 3 to 15 years old, all were released after treatment.

"They told us that we would probably have headaches throughout the day," she said, adding that her daughter Shaquana said her headache was subsiding Sunday evening.

Mrs. David welcomed that news because earlier in the day she had carried the 6-year-old girl from an upstairs bedroom where she was unable to awaken her.

The other children also were sleeping at an unusual time of day, she said, and her 15-year-old son reported a headache and dizziness.

Mrs. David called 911 and revived her daughter with some assistance from a 911 operator. Tests later showed the carbon monoxide level was highest on the second floor of the house.

Mrs. David said she had walked near the stove and nearly passed out before calling the police emergency number.

National Fuel put locks on the gas pipes leading to her stove and to a water heater.

Mrs. David, who had been preheating the oven to bake potatoes, said she will be getting a new stove today and possibly have the aging water heater replaced as well.

She said she also plans to get a carbon monoxide detector today.

On Feb. 16, a woman and her son died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and three others were hospitalized after they were overcome in the Lakeview housing project on the city's West Side.

Saturday, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter were overcome by carbon monoxide in their basement apartment in East Aurora. They were rescued by police and firefighters.

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