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With the Easter holiday right around the corner, I know that readers are making holiday preparations such as egg coloring, Easter egg hunts, bread baking and meal planning. The results, of course, will be 1995 Easter memories. With this in mind, I would like to alert readers that this year's Easter memories might just pay off in more than a two-week supply of egg salad.

In honor of its 115-year tradition of Easter egg coloring, the PAAS egg color company is sponsoring the "PAAS Family Memory" contest. The contest invites families to send in photographs or drawings of their most memorable Easters. Each photograph or drawing must include Easter eggs and be accompanied by a 50-word-or-less description of how Easter eggs fit into the family Easter celebration.

Entries can be whimsical or serious, from families coloring eggs and an Easter egg hunt to an Easter centerpiece at a family dinner and an Easter egg-laden hat at the local Easter parade. The contest offers more than 50 prizes, including a first prize of a giant PAAS cotton plush bunny with assorted PAAS products and a LeClic 400 35mm camera. Fifty second-prize winners will receive a LeClic 400 35mm camera. All winners will receive a PAAS Artistic Achievement Certificate.

Entries accompanied by your name, address and age should be sent to: PAAS Family Memories Contest, 14 S. Park St., Suite 225, Montclair, N.J. 07042. Entries must be postmarked by April 29 -- so don't wait until July 4 to develop your Easter film.

The gear is gone

Dear Super Saver: Prior to last Christmas I sent in proofs-of-purchase to Pepperidge Farm in order to receive "Goldfish Gear" that I had intended to use as holiday gifts. Well, not only were they not received by Christmas, but Easter is almost here and I haven't received anything. Could you please check into this for me?
-- Camilla Wayne, Buffalo
Dear Camilla: I am sorry to report that the Goldfish Gear from Pepperidge Farm has long been sold out. However, you should have received a letter to that effect from the company along with the return of your check and UPCs. I would suggest that you and other readers interested in this offer call Pepperidge Farm Consumer Affairs directly at (800) 221-4307 to check on your order.

To you and other readers I must add: I know that many readers are not interested in "money-plus" offers (those that are not completely free). However, some readers do collect these T-shirts, stuffed animals, wristwatches, etc., that are available for a few UPCs and a nominal fee. Simply remember that when the company states, "Good while supplies last," it means it. Submit early for the best chance of not missing out on the trinkets that appeal to you.

The way to savings

This week's Super Saver is Jean Cole of Vancouver, Wash., who writes:

"I'm off to the store but first I had to write to you. As a widowed senior citizen I literally eat as a result of coupon shopping. Safeway recently had a coupon for Budget Gourmet, offering them for 99 cents each. I had four coupons, each good for $1 off if you purchased three. I had 12 coupons that were doubled to $1.50 off of each three, reducing the cost of the dinners to 49 cents each.

"Please note that my enclosed receipt also reflects a 12-cent error that I later had to have corrected. My next project is Stagg chili at 69 cents a can. I have three $1-off-three-cans coupons that will be doubled, reducing my cost of six cans to $1.14, or 19 cents per can."

Today's offers

$2 Just For Men refund. To receive a $2 refund, send "Just For Men" hair coloring or Brush In Color Gel Universal Product Code. Store form required. Expires: 12-31-95.

Up to $5 Beech Nut offer. To receive your choice of $3 cash or $5 in coupons, send 50 Beech Nut Product UPC symbols. Store form required. Expires: 12-31-95.

$2 Bryan Ham rebate. To receive a $2 rebate, send dated register receipt from purchase of Bryan Ham. Store form required. Expires: 12-31-95.

$1.50 Kraft Sandwich Spread rebate. To receive a $1.50 rebate, send register receipt along with two Kraft Sandwich Spread 16-ounce jar UPC symbols. Hangtag form is required. Expires: 11-30-95.

Send any questions or problems regarding coupons and refunding to Super Saver, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, in care of The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 639, Libertyville, Ill. 60048.

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