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Those who played basketball 40 or 50 years ago remember how difficult it was to steal the ball from an opponent without having a foul called. If the referee could see the hand touching another player and infer that there was any interference to his playing, a foul would be called.

I am told by many that the crowd enjoys the serious physical contact that makes a rough game out of hockey, baseball and basketball.

These offensive acts are excused now as hazards of the game.

We see these things in sports, and we are told, "People like it." Violence is an insidious matter; we enjoy a little of it for someone else. How can the young judge?

In a democracy, it sometimes takes a while to build up consensus before we can get leadership. Let us be a part of the movement to stop violence in our "play." If we recognize it in our play, we might set an example and start a sensitivity toward its restraint in our daily associations. Young people may learn to discern the difference between a little and too much.


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