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Tracey Ullman, British actress-comedian: "I find a lot of actors are infantile people. It's just so silly what we do half the time. Someone said to my daughter, 'Are you going to be an actress like your mum?' And she said, 'Oh, please, I'm going to be something useful, like a nurse.' "

Dominick Dunne, Los Angeles writer who holds one of the precious press seats in the O.J. Simpson trial courtroom and has previously covered the trials of Claus von Bulow, William Kennedy Smith and the Menendez brothers: "Truth, ethics and morality are joke words. Truth becomes what you get the jury to believe, which very often has nothing to do with what the truth really is. The court system is all about winning; that's all that matters -- to win, to win, to win."

Richard Lobenthal, director of the Anti-Defamation League in Michigan, on "the mean-spiritedness, divisiveness and duplicity of the Religious Right": "Make no mistake: There is nothing religious about the Religious Right; it's a political movement designed to destroy separation of church and state, to impose a theocratically inspired code of conduct on private behavior and to superimpose a convoluted distortion of 'Christianity' upon the American public."

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