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Zoom, by Istvan Banyai; Viking, $13.99 -- First we see a rooster, then two children looking at the rooster, then the farmyard where the children are looking at the rooster, then the village, which turns out to be a toy village inside a toy store, which turns out to be only a photo of a toy store in the hand of a boy sitting on a cruise ship, which turns out to be not a cruise ship at all but an advertisement on the side of a bus . . . and so it goes, on and on, as Banyai spins out the gimmick of a world inside a world in this amusing wordless book.

The Shadow Children, by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Herbert Tauss; Morrow, 86 pages, $14 -- The ghosts of the child victims of the Holocaust haunt this vivid, disquieting short novel of a boy visiting his grandfather in a remote French farm village sometime after World War II. The boy, Etienne, keeps seeing strange, gaunt children where there are no children, and hearing trains where there are no tracks, and his grandfather finally explains that these are ghosts of the Jewish children the village tried to protect, but then handed over to the Nazis years before. Tauss' charcoal drawings conjure up these living ghosts. -- Jean Westmoore

Baker Street Studies, edited by H.W. Bell; Penzler, $8 -- These delightful essays by mystery luminaries form a classic collection of Sherlockian (Holmes) scholarship.

Speed Reading, by Robert L. Zorn, Ph.D.; Harper, $4.99 -- Simple techniques to make you a better and faster reader. -- Ed Kelly

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