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Gennifer Flowers knew Bill Clinton as an occasional marijuana smoker who carried his own joints and once talked about having gotten high on cocaine, according to excerpts from her new book in New York magazine.

"By the way, he most certainly did inhale," Ms. Flowers writes in "Passion & Betrayal."

When asked about the book Saturday, Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry said, "The White House is not going to comment on any cash-for-trash stories."

Clinton denies Ms. Flowers' claim that they had a 12-year affair ending in 1989.

The excerpts, in the magazine's April 3 issue, mostly focus on Clinton and drugs.

"When he casually put his hand in his pants pocket and pulled out a joint one night, I was startled but kept silent," she wrote. "I thought how foolish it was of him to carry marijuana around, but it was typical of his bulletproof attitude."

As Arkansas governor, Clinton refused to block the arrest of his brother, Roger, on drug charges. During the presidential campaign, he said he once tried marijuana but did not inhale.

Flowers' book, published by Emery Dalton, is due out in late April.

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