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The March 4 editorial page had the traditional split of three major issues addressed by The News' staff. Let's see, the first one blasted the Republicans for "mindless" spending cuts and a "war on the poor and middle class" that will affect the grants to our cities.

The second opinion criticized Republicans as "hacking away at government spending" and not providing required clean-up funds for the area.

Then we move on to the third major opinion. Congress is urged to "tackle the real job of ending a quarter-century of budget deficits." It even clearly states that the "Constitution, the foundation of government . . . generally emphasizes broad policies, procedures and concepts rather than financial details."

Am I the only one who sees a large disparity of philosophy here?

With a substantially lower tax burden and healthier economy, city youths will not have to worry about "hanging around the streets unemployed." Stimulation of private business will provide jobs in the private sector -- not jobs where another generation will grow up expecting the government to be the provider.

Congress doesn't need protection from themselves as stated, but it does need accountability, the first dose of which was administered last November. If the last balanced budget was in 1969, it surely was an error. Because that was only 15 years into the 40-year Democratic reign of economic terror that is thankfully over.


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