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Prosecutors in the O. J. Simpson case plan to call Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner as a witness to question him about a 1993 Christmas Eve fight between Simpson and his ex-wife, a transcript revealed Friday.

When prosecutor Christopher A. Darden told the judge that the 1976 Olympic decathlon winner was being added to the witness list, Judge Lance A. Ito responded with a terse: "Oh, terrific."

Court was in recess Friday.

Prosecutors said they want to question the athlete about a party at his home attended by O. J. and Nicole Brown Simpson and described by witness Brian "Kato" Kaelin. The Simpsons argued and left the party angry at each other because one of Ms. Simpson's ex-boyfriends was there, Kaelin said.

In another development revealed in the transcripts, the defense said it wants to show that Ms. Simpson had become alienated from Kaelin and wanted him to move out of her guest house. Simpson's attorneys contend that Kaelin had sided with a maid Ms. Simpson had slapped.

Ito, clearly perturbed by the efforts to explore Ms. Simpson's fight with the housekeeper, Michelle Abudrahm, said the issue was irrelevant. "I didn't want to get into Nicole versus Michelle," he said.

Simpson is charged with murdering his ex-wife and her friend Ronald L. Goldman on June 12.

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