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Don't call Jerry O'Connell "the fat kid."

O'Connell doesn't mind being remembered for his role as one of the four boys in the 1986 film, "Stand by Me." He just doesn't want to be remembered for his roll.

"Sometimes I'll get people who come and stop me on the street or in the subway, 'Excuse me, weren't you the fat kid in "Stand by Me?'" a taller, thinner O'Connell says. "I'll go, 'No, no, I was the husky kid.'"

O'Connell now stars in Fox Television's new science-fiction series "Sliders," about a grad student who discovers a portal that sends people sliding through parallel universes and worlds.

"I always read a lot of (Ray) Bradbury and I'm a big fan of 'The X-Files,' " O'Connell said. "I'm just a big science fiction fan. I have my 3-D glasses somewhere here."

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