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2:30 -- 15th Street and Pierce Avenue, arrest. Eugene C. Darrell Sr., 43, of Eighth Street, charged with failure to appear.

2:30 -- 1000 Portage Road, Tops market, arrest. Allyson J. Vanduyne, 32, of University Court, charged with petit larceny.

3:30 -- 1148 to 1150 Willow Ave., burglary. Gary W. Jeffords of Youngstown said someone kicked in a basement window at buildings he owns and stole 400 feet of copper tubing, an unknown amount of plumbing pipe, a shop vacuum and a chrome bathroom faucet.

3:40 -- 551 79th St., harassment. A girl said a woman chased her into the street after school and threatened her.

3:56 -- 807 Ashland Ave., petit larceny. John J. Murphy said someone broke into his car and stole a pair of work boots, a toolbox and tools.

4:15 -- 625 Tronolone Place, criminal mischief. Maryann Marten of Weston Avenue said someone broke into her mother's car and took the stereo knobs in an attempt to steal the stereo.

6:20 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Takina D. Haslip, 16, of 20th Street, charged with petit larceny.

6:46 -- 621 10th St., Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, assault. Kathy J. Dunker of Haseley Drive, Gasport, a patient, said a man who is also a patient, punched her.

7:20 -- 2491 Cleveland Ave., criminal mischief. John Rae said someone shot a BB at his car, breaking a directional signal light and a rear view mirror while the car was in his driveway.

9:50 -- 1317 1/2 Linwood Ave., larceny. David S. Carson of Third Street said someone stole a portable compact disc player and 12 compact discs from his bicycle.

10:30 -- North and Ontario avenues, arrest. Ephilius S. Bennett, 19, of Townsend Place, charged with assault.

11:50 -- 361 Memorial Parkway, petit larceny. Tamera L. Hamilton said a man she let use her telephone stole a cigarette case containing $100.


2 -- 13th Street and Pierce Avenue, arrest. Mark A. Welch, 25, of 10th Street, held for the Niagara County Sheriff's Department.

2:29 -- 400 block of Portage Road, arrest. Jacob B. Winn, 33, of Elmwood Avenue, charged with unauthorized operation of a motor vehicle, driving without insurance and driving without taillights.

7:30 -- 525 Ninth St., assault. Kimberly Zimmerman said a man punched her in the face and nose, causing pain and bleeding.

8:30 -- 1120 Garden Ave., burglary. Mark C. Marten said someone entered his home while he and his family slept and stole $1,179 worth of property.

9:50 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Willie Crittenden, 36, of Cedar Avenue, charged with criminal mischief.

11:20 -- Niagara Falls City Court, 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Robert I. Wynn, 46, of 80th Street, charged with failure to pay a fine.

11:28 -- 13th block of Beech Avenue, arrest. Antwone M. Giles, 21, of Apple Walk, Unity Park, charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

11:30 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Jariel Cobb, 22, of Michigan Avenue, charged with failure to appear.


12:25 -- 1348 10th St., larceny. Karen L. Ball said someone stole a thermal spoiler valve and a rear spoiler from her car while it was parked in her garage.

1:14 -- 755 Eighth St., harassment. Candi Rozanski of Fifth Street said a man slapped her in the face.

2:30 -- 500 block of 77th St., criminal mischief. John T. Dingwall of Garlow Road, Lewiston, said someone broke his truck windshield and slashed a tire.

2:50 -- 515 12th St., arrest. Anthony C. Caudill, 20, charged with violation of city ordinance.

3:15 -- 15F Packard Court, arrest. William D. Black, 29, charged with failure to pay a fine.

3:20 -- 15F Packard Court, harassment. Amy Powless said a man pushed her head into a wall, causing pain and swelling.

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