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To Janice Okun:

I enjoyed your recent review of local chicken establishments (Gusto, March 3). In particular your mention of the possibility of cave men (cave persons?) dining on Archeopteryx caught my eye. The only problem is that that particular species of bird was extinct about 150 million years before the first humans made their appearance. (The magnitude of the time error is, give or take a few score million years, the same as assuming that humans and dinosaurs shared the earth.)

On (sort of) a culinary note, a plant that was around at the time of Archeopteryx and is still eaten today for its purported medicinal value is Ginkgo biloba (as found in this country in products such as Ginkgold.)

J.C. Winter, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University at Buffalo
To Anthony Violanti:

After reading your thoughts on Buffalo's radio DJs (Gusto, March 10) and then seeing more in the paper I felt I had to write. You really were easy on Dan Neaverth Sr. It's sad to see Western New York's once top DJ sink to such lows. He used to be talented without the smut. Did money and fame change him? He might not feel so strongly when his grandchildren are old enough to understand his on the air vulgarity. Will they respect him? Lately I don't turn the radio on at work until his daughter-in-law goes on and adds some class to the morning. It's sad but maybe he should take some lessons from P.J. Foxx and Craig Matthews. Sadly, it should be the other way around. Maybe he can turn his act around before retiring, otherwise he may leave at the bottom.

Gary Filipetti

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