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Cattaraugus County Legislator Larry Mack, D-Humphrey, has filed a discrimination complaint against certain legislators because they would not include his public remarks in the official county minutes two meetings ago.

It is believed to have been the first time in county history that a Legislature chairman has refused a lawmaker the privilege to have his statement recorded.

Mack lodged his complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator Howard Peterson. He complained about Legislature Chairman Don B. Winship and also named Gerald Fitzpatrick, R-Ellicottville, who seconded Winship's motion March 8 to exclude Mack's remarks on the basis they were political.

Mack further charged discrimination on several occasions, including unspecified instances when he was not allowed to join other legislators on resolutions sponsoring public works projects in his legislative district.

Earlier this year some legislators who head committees said they did not want Mack on their committee. He is now assigned to only one committee, while several legislators serve on two or more.

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