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Loto-Quebec has finally paid the $450,000 won by keno-game buster Daniel Corriveau at its Montreal casino on April 10.

But it wouldn't pay the money until an investigation determined that Corriveau had won fair and square.

Corriveau cracked the keno numbers game three consecutive times to win $450,000. He hit 19 of 20 numbers, three times in a row, a feat considered in the keno world to be impossible.

Corriveau, who has become a hero in Quebec, said at a news conference that he was glad it was finally over and that he would use the money to upgrade his 286 computer.

He used the computer to analyze the numbers the keno machine generated over a four-month period and then applied a mathematical concept called chaos theory to determine the sequence of numbers the computer chip in the keno machine could generate.

Chaos theory maintains that randomly generated numbers aren't really so random and do have patterns of occurrence. As a technique, it can be used to determine not-so-random numbers in any random set of numbers.

Corriveau found that this particular keno machine at the Montreal casino generated a repeating series of winning numbers in only 240 draws. Keno machines are supposed to generate winning numbers only once in a lifetime, not every 240 draws.

Meanwhile, Michael Crete, head of Loto-Quebec, said at the news conference that Corriveau is welcome to come back to the casino to try his luck again.

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