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House Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt said Friday that a health-care reform bill guaranteeing medical care for all Americans would be passed by Congress this year, possibly before midterm elections in November.

Speaking at Harvard School of Public Health, the Missouri Democrat said the lack of medical insurance for millions of Americans was "simply and plainly wrong."

"That's why, for all the partisan posturing and finger-pointing, President Clinton's proposals for guaranteed, affordable health care are moving through the relevant House and Senate committees and subcommittees -- right on track and right on schedule," he said.

"And that's why, in my opinion, we're going to pass guaranteed, affordable health care for every single American this year, 1994, in the term of this Congress -- despite the protests and pressure tactics from the lobbyists and the apologists."

". . . So I'd like the schedule to run so that we get on the floor in June in the House, hopefully in the Senate as well," Gephardt told the audience of students and health-care professionals. "We get to a conference committee in July, and we have a vote on the conference report optimally before we leave for the August work period."

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