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I'm alarmed that The News takes the First Amendment so lightly that it does not want to protect it by all possible means. The April 15 editorial advising "go after the guns" might just as well say "go after the media" that prints, films or says anything that may be considered offensive and dangerous.

I say this because, by its support of weakening the Second Amendment, it also supports allowing infringements on all amendment rights, since if one is not protected, none are.

Yes, a gun is a tool and tools can be used for criminal purposes. But what isn't that true for? Printing and tape-recording can be used to create pornography. TV and movies sell best when based on sex and violence.

Yet, child suicides or other violent events, where the media is cited as the cause, result in the media screaming about censorship being a violation of First Amendment rights, saying their protection is sacred.

Let's face facts: All media forms exploit sex and violence because it's profitable. The public good usually comes up when media interests and profits are in danger.

If the gun is a tool of crime and to be eliminated as such, then so are all media forms that may be injurious to society and children.

Orchard Park

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