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University at Buffalo President William Greiner is expected to receive a raise to $170,000 this year under a plan set for approval Thursday.

The State University of New York board of trustees is expected to raise Greiner's current salary of $139,125 to $155,000 in July and to $170,000 by October, or a total of $30,875.

The $10,310 increase and the subsequent $23,570 increases will come out of millions of dollars that are generated each year by doctors at SUNY medical schools.

Five percent of this so-called "practice plan" income is withheld from doctors and made available for a variety of projects and programs at these medical schools.

Greiner is benefiting from the traditional link between the presidential salaries at UB and the State University at Stony Brook.

That's because the salary increase was largely aimed at making the Stony Brook presidency more attractive.

SUNY officials want to increase the Stony Brook salary to help their search for a new president. As a result, the UB salary will also be increased, officials said.

SUNY also provides both presidents with houses.

Both UB and Stony Brook are large "university centers" with medical schools, SUNY officials noted.

"The gap between the salaries for these positions in our current salary plan and at peer institutions around the country is too large to ignore if Stony Brook is to attract leadership of the highest caliber," said SUNY board Chairman Frederic Salerno.

A survey of presidential salaries at 19 similar public schools across the country found Greiner's was fourth lowest, with the average salary $163,008.

"The firm assisting us in the Stony Brook presidential search has told us that the current salary is a real obstacle in recruiting the best candidates from national pool," he said.

"This is especially true for leaders of top research universities with medical complexes."

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